Office and work environments

Main Benefits:
■ Visual comfort
■ Increased task performance
■ Promotes focus and productivity
■ Contributes to higher work satisfaction

Lighting has found to have a significant impact on productivity and comfort experienced within work environments.

Spending about one third of their days at work, many employees sit in offices without any windows or with little natural light. Daylight serves as external indicator for the circadian rhythm, so its absence imbalances the bodily functions and triggers stress.
In addition, they are frequently exposed to lighting which is either too harsh or too dim, causing headaches, eye stains and negatively impacts their focus.

EWINDOW does not only produce light that caters for eye comfort, but which can set the colour temperature to the maximum levels of cool white light which signals alertness to the circadian rhythm. Following, employees will be more focused and can perform cognitive tasks better and will experience increased work satisfaction and job motivation.

In addition, natural lighting can also support the adaptation of shift workers to their reversed sleep cycle and help preventing health problems caused by an imbalanced circadian rhythm.

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