Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is EWINDOW?
■ EWINDOW is a tuneable LED panel which simulates daylight by portraying direct sunlight beam and the general illuminance of skylight. Both the colour temperature, ranging from 2,500K to 10,000K, and the brightness can be controlled. EWINDOW’s smart control system can synchronise the light setting to the day cycle of the set location

Can the EWINDOW frame be customised?
■ Yes. We offer a range of different materials and finishes. Please speak with our team about your specific preferences.

How can I control EWINDOW?
■ You can control easily EWINDOW’s light settings via a wall fixture device, mobile app or DALI control system.

What mountain options are available for EWINDOW?
■ EWINDOW can be installed either surface mounted or recess mounted.

What Mains Frequency (Hz) does EWINDOW use?
■ EWINDOW’s Mains Frequency is 50Hz/ 60Hz and can thus be installed in all countries.