Controlling the window is very easy using one of the below three methods.

Wall Controller

Simple operation with dual layer knob

Automatic Mode
The light will be coordinated to local day cycle by setting the latitude/ longitude location and date. EWINDOW automatically determines sunrise time to switch on, sunset time to switch off, and adjust the colour temperature and intensity throughout the daytime.

Manual Mode
The lighting ambient can be adjusted according to custom preferences. The top knob layer adjusts brightness, the bottom knob layer adjusts colour temperature.

Mobile Application

Wireless operation of EWINDOW by mobile app – available on Android and iOS.

Automatic Mode
Uses GPS location of phone to configure local daylight cycle.

Manual Mode
Choice of four pre-set lighting conditions or custom-configuration of colour temperature and brightness.


Dali Controller

A simple system could consist of a few light fittings and a switch connected to a DALI group controller. The switch provides on/off control and up/down dimming of the fittings. Minimal configuration is required and ballasts do not need to be individually addressed.

Multiple DALI Lines can be linked together with DCBM DALI Line Controllers that combine DALI Lines onto an Ethernet backbone.