Retail and commercial environments

Main Benefits:
■ Creates perception of spaciousness
■ Attractive product presentation
■ Accurate colour representation
■ Energises employees

Lighting has a great impact on people’s moods and emotional well-being defining the attractiveness of a retail environment.

Daylight creates the perception of openness and prompts customers to regard the environment more favourably, thus they feel more comfortable and spend more time at the venue to consume goods and services.

Similarly, it contributes to a more pleasant work environment for the retail workforce, which in turn raises their energy level and motivation.

Natural lighting also increases the visual comfort experienced since people coming from the outside will find it easier to adjust their eyes when they enter, which especially matters in the evening hours.

Throughout evolution the human eye has become accustomed to daylight as original white light defining the colour appearance of objects. The light quality of artificially lit environments is constantly compared against daylight.

EWINDOW scores highly on the CRI scale (up to CRI 98), thus it portrays the real colour of objects exposed to its lighting with high accuracy. Accurate colour rendering flatters both the retail product and the customer appearance, which is significant in apparel, beauty and jewellery retailing.

Additionally, EWINDOW has the advantage of avoiding potential glare caused by natural daylight and contributes to an ideal product presentation.

*Supported by research of:
Boyce, P., Hunter, C., & Howlett, O. (2003). The benefits of daylight through windows. Troy, New York: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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